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Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Your Favourite Story Collection (1995) is a UK VHS distributed by VCI.

Episodes/Songs included[]

  1. The Sad Story of Henry
  2. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  3. Thomas Goes Fishing
  4. Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  5. Percy Runs Away
  6. Down the Mine
  7. A Close Shave
  8. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  9. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  10. Special Funnel
  11. A Really Useful Engine


  • Jonathan
  • Mark
  • Abby
  • Jake
  • Julian
  • Hannah
  • James
  • Declan
  • Christopher
  • Billy


  • This was the first UK VHS to be released by VCI.
  • This was the first UK VHS to include a music video.
  • An image from Paint Pots and Queens is featured on the front cover.
  • The picture of Thomas seen in the runners-up opening sequence is taken from Saved from Scrap.
  • This is the only Thomas VHS to credit Mike O’ Donnell and Junior Campbell in The Britt Allcroft Company logo at the end.


  • The original video cassette still shows The Video Collection logo on the label, This was fixed on later releases.